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An EVF LUT having partial HDR simulation produces a subjective view close to ST 2084. In addition, several options are provided for EVF display dynamic ra nge which users can switch according to their applications. This combination assist s creative discussions between a camera operator and those who may be on -set monitoring the same images .
CMS-XML What memory cards have been verified for Full HD60p/50p shooting? (EOS-1D C)
Verified Memory Cards Recording only Can be used in combination with the features below when writing HDMI output Remote Live View shooting with EOS Utility HDMI output and Remote Live View shooting with EOS Utility SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash UDMA7 100MB/ s 128GB Yes Yes Yes Yes SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash UDMA6 90MB/ s 64GB Yes Yes Yes Yes Lexar Professional 1000x CompactFlash 128GB Yes
� There� must� be� means� of� remote � control � of� the� lens� iris,� means� of� real-­‐ time� debayering� of� the� camera� head’s� 4K� RAW� signal� to� RGB� components,� and� means� of� monitoring� and� “shading”� the� 4K� camera s � so� they� can� be� matched. � � � � 5� �
CMS-XML Verification of Correct Playback via Browser/Browser Remote Operation by OS and Browser (EOS C100 Mark II)
Supported OS (*1) Browser Supported devices AVCHD MP4 PHOTO 35Mbps 24/17/4/3Mbps L/ S Playback Save Playback Save Playback Save Playback Save iOS 6 Safari iPhone/iPad (*2) NO NO NO NO YES NO YES YES(*4) iOS 7 Safari iPhone/iPad (*2) NO NO YES NO YES NO YES YES(
CMS-XML Non-linear editing software compatibility XF and Cinema EOS Series
Tables for the NLE software/Plug-in Compatibility When linking MXF files using the Link to AMA File( s ) menu option, a name other than Canon may appear in the Video properties. Nevertheless, the clips will be correctly linked and you will be able to use the clips without any problem. (Confirmed as of July 2010.)
CMS-XML What Is an EF-S Lens?
To accommodate the sensor size of APS-C DSLR cameras, the image circle (the circular area in the image plane formed by the cone of light transmitted through the lens) has been made smaller. To accommodate the smaller quick-return lens of the cameras, the back focus (the distance from the rear element of the lens and the sensor) is shortened further (short back focus) than that of the regular EF lenses.
CMS-XML Characteristics and usage notes for STM Lenses (EF-S Lenses)
Characteristics and usage notes for STM Lenses (EF- S Lenses)
CMS-XML Adding Marks while Recording
When recording, you can flag an important shot in a clip by adding a “shot mark” ( S
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