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... shoots� –� between� sports� leagues,� broadcasters� and� cable� operators,� and� mobile � production� facilities� –� would� be� invaluable� in� assessing� the� capabilities� of� contemporary� large� format� 4K� cine� lenses� and� guiding� future� developments.� � � An� industry� dialog� is� clearly� needed� to� help � shape� 4K� lens� developments� for� future� television ...
CMS-XML The Flash does not Fire during Wireless Flash Shooting
When the receiver unit(s) is ready to fire (fully charged), the AF- assist beam will blink at 1-sec. intervals.
CMS-XML Adjusting the Focus
... camcorder offers focus assistance functions to help you adjust the ... C 300 ... remotely using the Wi-Fi Remote application. 1 If the attached lens is equipped with an automatic focus function, set the lens to manual focus mode in advance . ... C 300 On some EF lenses the focus ring will be disabled when the focus mode switch is set to AF. Be sure to set the focus mode switch to MF in advance C 300 Remote Operation Using Wi-Fi Remote ... you can adjust the focus remotely from a Wi-Fi -enabled device using the Wi-Fi Remote application.
CMS-XML Highlights of the EOS C300/C300 PL
... HD Camcorder EOS C 300/ C 300 PL has ... ... features that will help turn your creative ... The EOS C 300 features an ... The EOS C 300 PL features ... ... which allows multiple C 300 / C 300 PL camcorders ... Advanced Professional Features ... preferences to other C 300 / C 300 PL camcorders ... ... Remote operation via Wi-Fi ... it remotely via Wi-Fi using the Wi-Fi Remote application. The Wi-Fi Remote application lets you monitor the image through live view and remotely control the focus, shutter speed, ISO speed/gain and other settings.
CMS-XML What USB Network adapters have been verified to work with the camcorder? (EOS C70)
Depending on the country/region of use, some restrictions on outdoor use or Camera Access Point connections may apply when using the IEEE 802.11b/g/a/n/ac wireless standard. Check in advance the Wi-Fi adapter used (commercially available) and its applicable areas of use and restrictions.
CMS-XML Verification of Correct Wi-Fi Remote Operation by OS and Browser (EOS C500/C500PL)
Verification of Correct Wi-Fi Remote Operation by OS and Browser (EOS C500/C500PL)ID : 8201861700 _ EN _ 4 Solution As of April 2014, Wi-Fi Remote has been tested and verified to operate correctly with the following combinations of operating systems and Web browsers.
CMS-XML C300 Adjusting the Aperture
to change the direction of the adjustment when you turn the control dial on the camcorder or on the grip unit, respectively. Remote Operation Using Wi-Fi Remote After completing the necessary preparations
Viewing the LCD monitor with Canon Log active The viewfinder and LCD monitor image when Canon Log Gamma is used will appear very flat and somewhat dark. The EOS C 300 offers View Assist , to approximate how the scene would appear with a normal gamma applied.
CMS-XML Understanding the EOS C300's Canon Log Gamma
To enable View Assist in the menu, choose LCD/VF Setup > View Assist > On/Off Note: The View Assist function is only visible on the C 300's LCD screen and viewfinder. This helps ensure that the preview images output to the LCD screen and viewfinder don't affect the images recorded onto CF cards or to images output through the HD-SDI port.
CMS-XML Manual Focus on the EOS C700 models
Manual Focus In order to focus more accurately, you can use the following focus assistance functions: Dual Pixel Focus Guide ( C 700 C700 FF
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