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CMS-XML Verification of Correct Playback via Browser/Browser Remote Operation by OS and Browser (EOS C100 Mark II)
Supported OS (*1) Browser Supported devices AVCHD MP4 PHOTO 35Mbps 24/17/4/3Mbps L/ S Playback Save Playback Save Playback Save Playback Save iOS 6 Safari iPhone/iPad (*2) NO NO NO NO YES NO YES YES(*4) iOS 7 Safari iPhone/iPad (*2) NO NO YES NO YES NO YES YES(
CMS-XML Precautions About Using Battery Packs in Low Temperatures
In cases like this, you may be able to restore the battery performance by warming the battery pack up in a pocket, etc. right before usage. Please make sure that the battery contacts do not touch any metal object( s ) (such as keys) in storage or transportation, as the battery pack may become short-circuited. CAUTION