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CMS-XML Canon cameras that support GPS
About camera GPS Some have an internal sensor. Others use Canon Camera Connect (CCC) which is a unified app that connects your iOS or Android mobile devices to cameras equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. GP-E2
CMS-XML Understanding the EOS C300's Canon Log Gamma
This article will discuss the new Canon Log Gamma of the Canon EOS C300, show sample images and discuss its advantages in post-production. The article will also explain how the View Assist feature works and discuss CP CINEMA Locked Mode.
The EOS C700 offer s broader 4K imaging options than the EOS C300 Mark II , significantly extended recording options, expanded system interfaces, and multiple operational features sought in an A -Camera. The EOS C300 Mark II flanks the EOS C700 as a mobile and versatile companion B -Camer a. These two cameras share the same Super 35mm 4.5K CMOS image sensor developed by Canon to achieve a 15 -Stop dynamic range.
The discussions in the White Paper (Deep Dive Part 1 ) centered about the all -important linear representation of the camera video. Now that video must be further “prepped” in a manner that can help ensure that the extensive dynamic range created by the imaging system will be fully protected while being recorded – and also as it is transported over industry standardized interfaces. This is the primary role of the camera’s Optoelectronic Transfer Function (OETF).
PDF whitepaper-ergonomic-operational-enhancement-eosc300markii.pdf
It is also planned to have a downstream firmware upgrade for the CN20x50 CINE-SERVO lens. 11 3.6 Wireless Control of Focusing
PDF WhitePaper-imageperformanceenhancements-eosc300markii.pdf
At ISO 800 the exposure latitude is 6.3-Stops over gray and 8.7-Stops below gray – and this is termed the Base ISO. Increasing ISO levels above this Base level is implemented by an analog gain control within the image sensor itself and this helps maintain a consistent disposition of exposure about the gray reference all the way up to maximum ISO 102,400.