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CMS-XML List of Error Messages
List of Error Message
PDF EOS C300 / EOS C500
Typically, the RAW outputs from these cameras constitute a single output signal which is subsequently debayered to structure the three separate RGB video components. This process entails some degree of reconstruction errors depending upon the sophistication of the debayering algorithm. The EOS C500 and C300 cameras also employ the classic Bayer CFA – but we deploy an alternative strategy to the construction of the separate HD / 2K RGB frames as described in Reference [1].
In the postproduction domain Canon-Log can be transformed back to the linear domain to facilitate such digital processes as conversions to other transfer characteristics (such as Cineon) color matrix transformations, secondary color correction, luminance tonal adjustments, image compositing etc. This transformation enables wide dynamic range digital intermediate processes to be performed in linear light space with minimum quantization errors .
CMS-XML Recovering Data on the CF Card
Some actions, such as suddenly turning off the camcorder or removing the CF card while data is being recorded, can cause data errors on the CF card. In such case, you may be able to recover the data on the CF card.
CMS-XML Adjusting the Black Balance
The automatic black balance procedure will start. 4 When the confirmation message appears, press SET If the body cap is not correctly attached, [ Error
CMS-XML Selecting the CF Card Recording Method
an error occurs with one of the cards, recording will continue on the other card. Double slot recording cannot be used with relay recording or slow & fast motion recording
CMS-XML Troubleshooting
- An SD card error occurred. Turn off the camcorder. Remove and reinsert the SD card.