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CMS-XML Adjusting the Focus
Nevertheless, the camcorder offers focus assistance functions to help you adjust the focus more accurately. ... You can adjust the focus of an attached EF lens remotely using the Wi-Fi Remote application. ... Remote Operation Using Wi-Fi Remote ... you can adjust the focus remotely from a Wi-Fi -enabled device using the Wi-Fi Remote application.
CMS-XML Highlights of the EOS C300/C300 PL
The following are just some of the many features that will help turn your creative vision into reality. ... Remote operation via Wi-Fi You can attach the optional WFT-E6 Wireless File Transmitter to the camcorder and operate it remotely via Wi-Fi using the Wi-Fi Remote application. The Wi-Fi Remote application lets you monitor the image through live view and remotely control the focus, shutter speed, ISO speed/gain and other settings.
CMS-XML Remote Operation Using Wi-Fi Remote
CMS-XML Remote ISO Speed or Gain Value Operation Using Wi-Fi Remote
CMS-XML Using Metadata
memo remotely using the Wi-Fi Remote application Setting a User Memo Created with Canon XF Utility Before you can add a user memo, you must first install the supplied
CMS-XML Adding Marks while Recording
) to the entire clip to flag clips you want to set apart. You can add all four types of marks remotely using the Wi-Fi Remote application.
... STATUS button again to clear the Status screen, and return to shooting Available screens include: Basic camera settings, Assign Button status, Audio settings, Re- cording Media settings, Video Terminal status, Metadata, Battery status, Custom Picture settings (if active), and Wi-Fi remote settings (if optional WFT-E6A Wireless File Transmitter is active)
CMS-XML C300 Adjusting the Aperture
to change the direction of the adjustment when you turn the control dial on the camcorder or on the grip unit, respectively. Remote Operation Using Wi-Fi Remote After completing the necessary preparations
CMS-XML Saving and Loading Camera Settings
For your protection, when the camcorder’s settings are saved on an SD card, the following settings under [ Other Functions] [ Wi-Fi ] are not saved: the encryption key/WEP index key in the wireless LAN setup of
CMS-XML Menu Options
Displays the audio level indicator and, if activated, the audio peak limiter icon (LIM) when set to [On]. [ Wi-Fi ]: Displays the Wi-Fi icon (Wi-Fi) when set to [On].
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