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CMS-XML What lenses are compatible with Peripheral Illumination Correction? (EOS C100)
CMS-XML List of TV types, voltage levels, and power types for the world.
CMS-XML With some EF lenses, the camcorder may take longer to focus automatically or may not be able to focus correctly. (EOS C100)
CMS-XML Downloading Pixela Data Import Utility
NOTE: Your products qualifying serial number will be required to begin the download.
CMS-XML All Canon chargers are international voltage, only an adapter to change the plug style is necessary.
CMS-XML Adjusting the Black Balance
CMS-XML How do I recover deleted scenes and images from my camcorder or memory card?
CMS-XML EOS C100 Explanation of frame rates
CMS-XML Installing Data Import Utility
CMS-XML Precautions About Using Battery Packs in Low Temperatures
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