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CMS-XML Where do I download all software associated with my camera?
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CMS-XML Making a wireless connection to a camera and saving images (Connect Station CS100)
If you change the folder name or folder structure where the images are saved, importing images may no longer be possible. For the power source of the camera/camcorder, using a fully charged battery or AC adapter kit is recommended. Images edited with a computer, etc. may not be played back with Connect Station or playback may take time.
CMS-XML Operating the Remote Control is not Possible (Items to Confirm/Solution Strategies) (Connect Station CS100)
If the remote control becomes hot, or emits smoke or a burning smell, immediately remove the batteries from the remote control with enough care to avoid burns. Using the remote control in such a condition may cause a fire or burns.
CMS-XML Connecting with a camera via a USB cable and saving images (Connect Station CS100)
Do not connect a USB cable or insert a card while the Connect Station’s hard disk is being formatted or its firmware is being updated. When connecting to a camera/camcorder, use fully-charged batteries . REFERENCE