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CMS-XML What updates are included in EOS 5D Mark III firmware update v.1.2.1?
2. Enables the center AF point to autofocus when the camera is used with Canon EF lens/extender combinations whose combined maximum aperture is f/8. 3. Improves the speed of the camera's acquisition of focus when using a Canon Speedlite's AF- assist beam. 4. Fixes a phenomenon in which the LCD monitor may freeze and display Err 70 or Err 80 when a still photo is taken during Live View or in movie shooting mode.
CMS-XML AF-assist beam firing
AF- assist beam firing
CMS-XML This is the Auto Focus Assist.
This is the Auto Focus Assist .
CMS-XML This is to aid in autofocus.
CMS-XML EOS REBEL T8i: Creative Assist
Creative Assist
CMS-XML EOS REBEL T8i: AF-Assist Beam Firing
AF- Assist Beam Firing
CMS-XML Feature Guide and Help System on the EOS 6D.
CMS-XML How the AF Assist beam on the EOS Digital Rebel XSi works.
CMS-XML Here is an explanation of AF assist beam operation on the EOS D60
An explanation of AF assist beam operation on the EOS D60
CMS-XML How to obtain help on camera with the EOS 1Dx Mark III.
The EOS 1Dx Mark III can display help and tips on the LCD panel.
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