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CMS-XML Why Connect via Wireless LAN (the Wi-Fi Function)? (EOS REBEL T6 / EOS 1300D)
Solution By connecting to a Wi-Fi network or other device supporting this camera’ s wireless functions, you can perform tasks such as sending images or controlling the camera. Connect to a smartphone
CMS-XML The Flash does not Fire during Wireless Flash Shooting
When the receiver unit( s ) is ready to fire (fully charged), the AF- assist beam will blink at 1-sec. intervals.
CMS-XML Sending Images to a Computer Using EOS Utility 2.14 (Wi-Fi Function) (EOS 6D)
Step 2. Performing Basic Camera Settings The following settings must be performed before the camera’ s Wi-Fi fuction is used. 1. Set the camera’s power switch to <ON>.
CMS-XML Sending Images to a Smartphone (Wireless Connection) (EOS Rebel SL2/EOS 200D)
A Wi-Fi connection cannot be established with the NFC function between this camera and a smartphone while they are connected via Bluetooth. To connect this camera to an NFC-compatible smartphone via Wi-Fi , the smartphone’ s Wi-Fi and NFC functions must be enabled.
CMS-XML Sending images to a Smartphone (Wireless Connection)
Activate the smartphone’ s Wi-Fi function, then select the SSID (network name) ( ) displayed on the camera’s LCD monitor. For the password, enter the encryption key (
CMS-XML Using EOS Utility 3.x to Send Images to a Computer (Wi-Fi Function) (EOS 90D)
] ). The Wi-Fi connection will be terminated if you set the camera’s power to < OFF >, or open the card slot/battery compartment cover. With a Wi-Fi connection established, the camera’ s auto power off does not function.
CMS-XML Connecting to a Printer via a Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) and Printing (EOS Rebel T7i/ EOS 800D)
With a Wi-Fi connection to a printer established, a picture cannot be taken even if the camera’ s shutter button is pressed. Movies cannot be printed. Before printing, be sure to set the paper size.
CMS-XML How to use the wireless remote control for the EOS Digital Rebel.
With the optional Remote Controller RC-5 (optional), you can shoot remotely from up to about 5 meters/16.4 ft. in front of the camera. Point the signal transmitter toward the camera' s remote control sensor and press the signal button.
CMS-XML Sending images to a computer (Wi-Fi function) (EOS 70D)
Step 1: Preparing necessary items 1. Check the computer` s requirements. The camera can connect to the following computers via wireless LAN.
CMS-XML Smartphone (Device) Specifications and System Requirements for a Wireless Connection with a Camera (Canon Camera Connect)
To connect via Bluetooth, a Bluetooth-equipped camera and a Bluetooth 4.0 or later-equipped device* (supporting Bluetooth low energy technology) is required. *Bluetooth 4.0-equipped devices: above iPhone 4 s / iPad 3rd/ iPod touch 5th Camera Connect for Android
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