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CMS-XML When Attempting to Open Digital Photo Professional, an Error Message Appears (Screen Resolution and Enlargement Scale)
CMS-XML Try another memory card in the camera and other troubleshooting steps.
On Camera LCD screen displays No Memory Card, Memory Card Error, Unrecognized File Format, Incompatible JPEG, or "?" marks for images when card is inserted in the camera or while attempting to Playback images. If the camera displays Memory card error , No Memory Card, or takes an abnormally long time to write an image to the memory card, when a memory card is inserted or any of the above error messages , make sure that the card is inserted properly. For SD card, make sure that the card lock switch is in the correct position and not stuck in-between. If this is the case, you may wish to Format the memory card in the camera using the Setup Menu option [Format] as shown below.
CMS-XML Understand "Cannot playback image" message on the camera.
Possible issues and resolutions If you have multiple memory cards, initialize another memory card and take some test shots. If images can be played back normally, the card that shows the error message may be malfunctioning. Try reformatting the faulty memory card to solve the issue.
CMS-XML How to print directly from the EOS Digital Rebel and EOS Digital Rebel XT.
The printing will stop and the paper being printed will be discharged. Resolving Printing Errors If an error occurs during printing, an error message will appear on the LCD monitor.
CMS-XML Batteries may need to be recharged or replaced.
Batteries may need to be recharged or replaced if an error persists after battery recharge, or the unit may require a service evaluation. If the battery is currently in the device, and it is not working properly, remove the batteries and wait for 30 seconds and re-insert the batteries. In doing so, if your camera has a back-up or date and time battery, remove this battery as well.
CMS-XML MESSAGE: "Caution you are attempting to collect XXXX images using camera window. This may affect the performance of the display."
This is not an error .
CMS-XML Clean the lens contacts.
Mount the lens on the camera. Take a picture. If the error persists, the camera and/or lens may need be serviced by a qualified Canon Service Technician.
CMS-XML Connect to a Computer With a USB Cable - EOS Digital Rebel XT
Before you begin After you connect the camera to the computer, the software you install from the solutions disc will run. Never perform the operations below since a communications error or damage may occur:
CMS-XML Installing the Software Included on the EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk (CD-ROM)
Even if the previous version of the software is installed, install the software by following the steps below (the current software will overwrite the previous version). If errors occur during installation, please see the Related Information below. IMPORTANT
CMS-XML Specifications of the EOS Digital Rebel XT.
Reduction lamp on time display), Max burst during continuous shooting, AF/MF focus confirmation, CF card full, CF card error , no CF card Depth-of-Field Preview
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