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CMS-XML When Attempting to Open Digital Photo Professional, an Error Message Appears (Screen Resolution and Enlargement Scale)
12 . Click [Yes] and when the previous screen reappears, click [OK]. ... In case of Digital Photo Professional Ver.3. x ... In case of Digital Photo Professional Ver.4. x ... In case of Digital Photo Professional Ver.3. x ... In case of Digital Photo Professional Ver.4. x
CMS-XML Understand "Cannot playback image" message on the camera.
Possible issues and resolutions If you have multiple memory cards, initialize another memory card and take some test shots. If images can be played back normally, the card that shows the error message may be malfunctioning. Try reformatting the faulty memory card to solve the issue.
CMS-XML How to install a firmware update on the EOS 5D.
To check the firmware version, please refer the "Firmware Q&A" above. If an ERROR message appears during the firmware update
CMS-XML Clean the lens contacts.
Mount the lens on the camera. Take a picture. If the error persists, the camera and/or lens may need be serviced by a qualified Canon Service Technician.
CMS-XML Installing the Software Included on the EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk (CD-ROM)
Even if the previous version of the software is installed, install the software by following the steps below (the current software will overwrite the previous version). If errors occur during installation, please see the Related Information below. IMPORTANT
CMS-XML Formatting the CF card on the EOS 5D
2. Format the CF card. " (CF error ) is displayed on the LCD panel, it indicates that a problem with the CF card is preventing the image data from being recorded or read. Use another CF card instead.
CMS-XML Installing the EOS Digital Solution Software and driver in Windows for the EOS 5D.
Avoid doing the following things while running the software installed from the supplied Solution Disk, as these things may cause communications errors .
CMS-XML Using Non-Canon lenses on a Canon EOS camera.
Communication errors