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CMS-XML Enable Image Stabilizer for precise compositions and highly accurate focus (Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera)
Learn how to use image stabilization in your DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) to help create precise compositions and highly accurate focus.
CMS-XML Reduce blur when shooting with auto focus
Tips for taking sharp and crisp images - A deeper depth of field can help avoid out of focus images. The depth of field is the range of the image that is in focus in front of and behind the point of focus.
CMS-XML Find the list of camera lenses compatible with Digital Lens Optimizer and Lens Aberration Correction - Digital Photo Professional
NOTE You can filter the displayed lenses by adding a checkmark to the [Select a lens category] checkbox. Using the Digital Lens Optimizer in Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.x
CMS-XML Troubleshoot reasons that RAW images can't be opened on a computer
Confirming the software version Open the version of Digital Photo Professional installed on the computer. Select Help -> About
CMS-XML How to focus using the LCD monitor on the EOS 20Da.
This camera is approximately 2.5x more sensitive to hydrogen-alpha light (656nm) than the EOS 20D. Photographs of normal subjects that reflect a lot of infra-red light taken with this camera will therefore appear more red than the actually are. An infra-red cutoff filter (commercially available) can be used to reduce this redness.