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CMS-XML QuickGuide to Canon TC-80N3 Timer/Remote Controller
6D 7 D Mark II
CMS-XML The camera is not recognized by the computer (Windows 7) (EOS Utility Ver.3.x)
1. Change the USB port that is connected with the camera If multiple USB ports are available on the computer, switching the cable to another port may help the camera to be recognized correctly. 2. Use [Device Manager]
CMS-XML The Built-in Flash Fires a Series of Flashes before a Picture is Taken (EOS REBEL T6/EOS 1300D)
In dimly lit shooting conditions, pressing the shutter button halfway may trigger the built-in flash to fire a series of flashes to assist autofocusing. This is called AF-assist beam.
CMS-XML Troubleshoot reasons that RAW images can't be opened on a computer
Confirming the software version Open the version of Digital Photo Professional installed on the computer. Select Help -> About
CMS-XML AF (Autofocus) does not operate (EOS REBEL T6 / EOS 1300D)
Do not touch the contacts directly by hand.Doing so could cause corrosion, and cause the camera to stop operating. When cleaning the lens contact, be careful to avoid scratching the lens surface. If the contact area is particularly dirty, contact a Canon customer service center for assistance .
CMS-XML System requirements for applications (EOS REBEL T6/EOS 1300D)
Digital Photo Professional may also be installed on a 32-bit version PC, but with restrictions on operation. On 32 bit Oss, (32bit) is displayed on the [About Digital Photo Professional 4] in [ Help ]. For information on restrictions, see the descriptions indicated with the [32bit] in the Digital Photo Professional Instruction Manual.