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CMS-XML Erasing images on the EOS 80D
You can either select and erase unnecessary images one by one or erase them in one batch. Protected images will not be erased.
CMS-XML Formatting the card on the EOS 80D
When the card is formatted, all images and data on the card will be erased. Even protected images will be erased, so make sure there is nothing you need to keep. If necessary, transfer the images to a personal computer, etc., before formatting the card.
CMS-XML Installing and removing the card on the EOS 80D
Make sure the card's write- protect switch is set upward to enable writing and erasing. Installing the card
CMS-XML Multiple Exposures (EOS 80D)
If WB bracketing, Multi Shot Noise Reduction, HDR mode, or a Creative filter is set, multiple-exposure shooting cannot be set.
CMS-XML Find the list of camera lenses compatible with Digital Lens Optimizer and Lens Aberration Correction - Digital Photo Professional
NOTE You can filter the displayed lenses by adding a checkmark to the [Select a lens category] checkbox. Using the Digital Lens Optimizer in Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.x
CMS-XML Troubleshoot reasons that RAW images can't be opened on a computer
Confirming the software version Open the version of Digital Photo Professional installed on the computer. Select Help -> About
CMS-XML The camera is not recognized by the computer (Windows 7) (EOS Utility Ver.3.x)
1. Change the USB port that is connected with the camera If multiple USB ports are available on the computer, switching the cable to another port may help the camera to be recognized correctly. 2. Use [Device Manager]
CMS-XML AF (Autofocus) does not operate (EOS 80D)
When cleaning the lens contact, be careful to avoid scratching the lens surface. If the contact area is particularly dirty, contact a Canon customer service center for assistance . Attach the lens securely.
CMS-XML The built-in flash fires by itself (EOS 80D)
> modes, when you press the shutter button halfway under low-light conditions, the built-in flash may be raised automatically and emit the AF- assist beam. This illuminates the subject to help autofocusing.
CMS-XML System requirements for applications (EOS 80D)
Digital Photo Professional may also be installed on a 32-bit version PC, but with restrictions on operation. On 32 bit Oss, (32bit) is displayed on the [About Digital Photo Professional 4] in [ Help ]. For information on restrictions, see the descriptions indicated with the [32bit] in the Digital Photo Professional Instruction Manual.
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