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CMS-XML Please forward the camera to have the low pass filtered cleaned by the Canon Factory Service Center.
CMS-XML Enable Image Stabilizer for precise compositions and highly accurate focus (Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera)
Learn how to use image stabilization in your DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) to help create precise compositions and highly accurate focus.
CMS-XML How to set and use mirror lockup on the EOS 1D Mk III
Although using the self-timer or Remote Switch can prevent camera shake, using mirror lockup to prevent camera vibrations can also help when you use a super telephoto lens or shoot close ups. When C.Fn III -15 [Mirror lockup] is set to [1:Enable] or [2:Enable: Down with SET] (p.172), shooting with mirror lockup is possible.
CMS-XML How to format the memory card(s) on the EOS 1D Mark III.
Formatting a memory card will erase all the data in the card, including protected images. Before formatting a card, make sure there is nothing you need to keep. If necessary, transfer the images to a personal computer before formatting the card.
CMS-XML Does my camera have a Self Cleaning Sensor Unit?
Solution The Self Cleaning Sensor Unit is a unit that automatically shakes off dust attached to the image sensors front layer (low-pass filter ) with ultrasonic vibrations. The models that come with Self Cleaning Sensor Units are as shown in the table below.
CMS-XML There is a USB cable protector included with the EOS 1D Mark III.
In the box with your camera is a small metal bolt and USB cable protector. Unscrew the plastic accessory cover on the camera and secure cable.
CMS-XML Editing RAW Images
Editing item Using a camera Using a computer application Convert a RAW image to a JPEG image Only available with the EOS 60D, EOS 5D Mark III, and EOS-1D X Available with all versions of Digital Photo Professional Trim a RAW image Not available Available with Digital Photo Professional v1.5 or later Apply a creative filter to a RAW image Only available with the EOS
CMS-XML QuickGuide to EOS Focusing Screens
This QuickGuide is therefore intended to you derive the maximum benefit from these useful accessories. The primary benefit of using something other than the standard screen is that an accessory screen may be better suited for use with manual focus or wide aperture lenses or may provide framing aids that are useful for macro, microscopic, copy, or architectural photography. EOS SLRS with Interchangeable Screens
CMS-XML If your camera will not power on with any battery, your camera may need to be serviced.
Canon has excellent service options and we are eager to provide any assistance you may need. Request a Repair Online You can conveniently pre-arrange repair service with a Canon Factory Service Center through Canon's website.
CMS-XML Key Differences between Digital Photo Professional Ver.4.0 and Digital Photo Professional Ver.3.14
Display in the Digital Photo Professional edit image window using the link between EOS Utility and the application Auto Lighting Optimizer RAW/JPEG RAW only Tone Curve Assist No (*1) Yes Movie playback Displays thumbnails, Launch the movie playback application as per the OS settings No Compositing No (*2) Yes HDR No (*2) Yes Batch Application of Recipes No (*2) Yes RGB palette No (*3) Yes
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