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CMS-XML How Does Traditional SLR AF Work?
Phase-detection AF systems for digital SLRs have certainly evolved over the years. Compare the conceptual illustration of a single pair of rows of pixels (above), depicting an early AF sensor with one AF point, to this image of the AF sensor on today’s EOS-1D X Mark II, which has 61 AF points — most of which offer cross-type coverage.
CMS-XML EOS 1v / 1v HS : The basic procedure for Focusing Point Selection.
Select the focusing point as described in "Basic Procedure for Focusing Point Selection." When a vertical focusing point is selected, the selection will alternate between one AF point and 2 AF points
CMS-XML EOS 3 : How to use Eye-Control One-Shot AF Mode
How to use Eye-Control One -Shot AF Mode
CMS-XML EOS Rebel T2 : How to set the AF Mode
AF Focus This mode switches the AF mode automatically to One -Shot AF or AI Servo AF depending on whether the subject is still or moving
CMS-XML How to focus on an Off-Center subject
Focus Lock works only in the One -Shot AF mode
CMS-XML EOS Elan : How to operate in full auto mode.
When One -shot AF mode is set, the camera automatically seta faster shutter speed when camera shake is detected.
CMS-XML EOS Rebel K2 : How to operate in full auto mode.
All you do is point the camera and press the shutter button. Everything is automatic so it is easy to photograph any subject. With seven AF points to focus the subject, anyone can just point and shoot. The main subject, as determined by the camera, will be focused by one of the AF points.
CMS-XML EOS Rebel 2000 : How to set the AF Mode
Auto focus modes ( One -shot and AI Servo) and film advance ( single and continuous) are set by the camera and not user selectable. The " What mode combinations are available" for further information.
CMS-XML EOS Rebel K2 : How to use Night Scene Mode
The picture-taking procedure is the same as with the FULL AUTO mode This automatically set the AF mode to < ONE SHOT> and the film advance to < SINGLE FRAME> and the metering mode to <EVALUATIVE>
CMS-XML EOS 3 : AF sensitivity according to the lens' maximum aperture
AF sensitivity according to the lens' maximum aperture
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