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CMS-XML 550EX Speedlite : How to turn the Master Flash OFF and use just receiver unit(s).
The flash ratio can also be changed by changing the distance of the receiver units to the subject. With the EOS 1D, 1V, 3, D60, D30, Elan 7/7E and 30/33, you can use the modeling flash to check the lighting effect
CMS-XML 580EX Speedlite : How to prevent the sender unit from firing its flash.
You can disable the sender unit from firing so that only the receiver unit( s ) will fire a flash. Press the button so that the display blinks as shown on the left Disable the sender unit's flash firing
CMS-XML The camera show E in Creative Zone when using the 580EX II
CFn-05-1 is geared for EOS -series film cameras .Do not set it if you have a. EOS DIGITAL camera or the E0 S REBEL T2 / 300 _ If CFn-5-1 is set for such cameras, the flash control will not work properly The flash might not fire of it might fire only at full output With Type-A cameras, if C.Fn-05-1 is set, wireless autoflash shooting will not be possible,
CMS-XML The 320EX Speedlite will provide flash coverage for the following focal lengths.
The flash head can be extended or retracted manually to match the lens focal length. As the focal length of EF lenses and EF- S lenses differs, extend or retract the flash head while referring to the table below (the flash head position in relationship to the lens focal length).
CMS-XML 430EX Speedlite : Other useful features available when using Full Automatic Wireless Flash.
Flash exposure compensation and other setting set with the sender unit will also be automatically set in the receiver units. Thus, you need not operate the receiver unit( s ). Wireless flash with the following setting can be done in the same way as with normal flash shooting
CMS-XML List of custom functions available on the 430EX Speedlite.
C.Fn-02 receiver unit? s auto power off time 0
CMS-XML 550EX Speedlite : How to set the communication channel on the Speedlite.
To prevent your sender unit from firing another photographer's receiver units, four channels are provided to differentiate your receiver units from unrelated ones. The sender unit and receiver unit( s ) in the same wireless flash system must be set to the same channel No.
CMS-XML Here is a basic wireless flash setup for the 320EX Speedlite
Sample Wireless Flash System You can easily set up an E-TTL autoflash system with the 550EX, ST-E2 or MR-14EX as the sender unit and the 420EX as the receiver unit. Just set the 420EX's wireless selector to <receiver> and position the receiver unit( s ) as desired within the wireless transmission range
CMS-XML How to set the communication channel on the 430EX II Speedlite.
The settings you input with the sender unit attached to the camera are also automatically transmitted to the receiver units which are controlled by the sender unit via wireless. Therefore, you need not operate the receiver unit( s ) at all during the shoot.
CMS-XML QuickGuide to Canon Integrated Speedlite Transmitter Operation
1. Set up the camera for Integrated Speedlite Transmitter operation. 2. Set up the off-camera Speedlite( s ) for wireless control. This QuickGuide will describe both steps.
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