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CMS-XML Explanation of AF assist beam operation
CMS-XML The camera show E in Creative Zone when using the 580EX II
If " AF - assist beam 0FF" is set with the Speedlite or camera, the AF assist beam will not be emitted . With Type-B cameras, even if .Fn-05-0 is sat, E-TTL II / E-TTL autoflash will not work,
CMS-XML Specifications of the 430EX Speedlite.
For high sync speed (EF flash): Approx. 2.3-39.4 ft./0.7-12m AF Assist Beam
CMS-XML QuickGuide to Canon 320EX Speedlite Features
The built-in LED light provides continuous illumination. This is particularly useful when shooting video, as a modeling light, or as an AF assist beam (with Live View). The LED light can provide up to 3.5 hours of illumination with four fully-charged AA batteries.
CMS-XML Specifications of the 550EX Speedlite.
Green pilot lamp indicates quick flash ready. AF Assist Beam
CMS-XML 220EX Speedlite : How to use the AF-Assist Beam and what is its coverage
The Speedlite 220EX AF-Assist beam is emitted automatically to enable precise autofocus under dim light and low contrast conditions. The AF - Assist beam is effective from 1 to 5 meters (3.3 to 16.4 feet)
CMS-XML List of custom functions available on the 430EX Speedlite.
C.Fn-04 AF - assist beam OFF 0
CMS-XML How to set and use the Custom Function Settings "C.Fn" on the 430EX II Speedlite
Custom Function Settings C.Fn-02-113: Convenient when you want to use the depth-of-field preview button to check the depth of field. C.Fn-08: If the Speedlite or camera's AF - assist beam is disabled, the AF - assist beam will not be emitted.
CMS-XML Reset C.Fn-5 is set to 0 (E-TTL).
With Type-A cameras, if C.Fn-05-1 is set, wireless autoflash shooting will not be possible If " AF - assist beam OFF" is set with the Speedlite or camera, the AF - assist beam will not be emitted. With Type-B cameras, even if C.Fn-05-0 is set, E-TTL II/E-TTL autoflash will not work
CMS-XML How to set the communication channel on the 430EX II Speedlite.
When the receiver unit (s) is ready to fire (fully charged), the AF - assist beam will blink at 1-sec intervals
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