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CMS-XML Wireless Speedlight Syncing Issues
CMS-XML 430EX Speedlite : How to use the AF-Assist Beam and what is its coverage
Under low-light or low-contrast conditions , the built-in AF-assist beam will be emitted automatically to make it easier to autofocus. The 430EX's AF- assist beam is compatible with the AF points of almost all EOS cameras. The AF-assist beam is compatible with 28mm and longer lenses.
CMS-XML Approximate battery life of the 430EX Speedlite.
CMS-XML 430EX Speedlite : How to set and use bounce flash.
CMS-XML 430EX Speedlite : What the icons on the LCD mean.
CMS-XML 430EX Speedlite : Recycling times and number of bursts (flashes).
CMS-XML 430EX Speedlite : Here is a list of the Speedlites Guide Numbers.
CMS-XML 430EX Speedlite : How do I switch the Speedlite's distance scale from meters to feet?