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CMS-XML MT-24EX : How to set Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB) on the flash.
CMS-XML MR-14EX : How to set flash exposure compensation on the flash in TTL mode.
CMS-XML Lenses compabile with the Macro Ring Lite MR-14 EX.
CMS-XML MR-14EX :How to attach the flash ring to the camera lens.
CMS-XML MR-14EX : How to set and use the Custom Function Settings "C.Fn"
CMS-XML MR-14EX :How to set and use High-Speed Sync (FP Flash).
CMS-XML MR-14EX : How to use M (Manual Expose) with TTL Autoflash with Type-B cameras.
CMS-XML MR-14EX: Here is a list of the Parts and controls - nomenclature
CMS-XML MR-14EX: How to install the batteries.
CMS-XML MR-14EX: Using an external battery pack with the Speedlite.
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