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CMS-XML A+ Assist Features on the EOS R50
A+: Assist Features Creative Assist Creative Bracketing Advanced
CMS-XML EOS R50: Creative Assist
Creative Assist
CMS-XML EOS R50: AF-Assist Beam Firing
AF- Assist Beam Firing
CMS-XML EOS R50 Zebra Settings
To help you adjust exposure before or during movie recording, you can display a striped pattern over or around image areas of a specified brightness.
CMS-XML EOS R50: Auto Level
Auto Level Auto leveling helps keep movies straight during recording. Caution
CMS-XML EOS R50: Silent Shutter Function
Silent Shutter Function Shutter mode: [Electronic AF- assist beam firing: [Disable Beep: [Disable
CMS-XML Basic Zone Use on the EOS R50
Basic Zone A+: Assist Features
CMS-XML EOS R50 Part Names
Part Names (16) AF- assist beam/red-eye reduction/self-timer/remote control lamp (17)
CMS-XML Optical Viewfinder Simulation on the EOS R50
Optical Viewfinder Simulation : OVF sim. view assist
CMS-XML EOS R50: A+: Fully Automatic Shooting (Scene Intelligent Auto)
A+: Fully Automatic Shooting (Scene Intelligent Auto) Select an Assist feature.
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