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CMS-XML EOS R100: Creative Assist
Creative Assist
CMS-XML EOS R100: AF-Assist Beam Firing
AF- Assist Beam Firing
CMS-XML EOS R100: Scene Intelligent Auto
Scene Intelligent Auto Shooting Moving Subjects Scene Icons Shooting with Effects Applied (Creative Assist )
CMS-XML EOS R100: AF Operation
AF Operation One-Shot AF for Still Subjects Servo AF for Moving Subjects AF- assist beam
CMS-XML EOS R100: Shooting with Speedlites
EL/EX Series Speedlites for EOS Cameras Speedlites will not fire intermittently to provide an AF- assist beam.
CMS-XML EOS R100: Part Names
Part Names (15) AF- assist beam/red-eye reduction/self-timer/remote control lamp (16)
CMS-XML EOS R100: Safety Instructions
Safety Instructions The parts or provided items of cameras or accessories are dangerous if swallowed. If swallowed, seek immediate medical assistance .
CMS-XML EOS R100: Checking Network Settings
Checking Network Settings ], in the format “***.***.***.***”. For information about the [Terminal ] application, refer to the macOS help .
CMS-XML EOS R100: Flash Function Settings
Flash Firing ] to have the flash always fire when you shoot. Select [ ] (in Creative Zone modes) to keep the flash off, or if you will use the AF- assist beam.
CMS-XML EOS R100: AF Method
Spot AF / 1-point AF / Zone AF Focusing with an AF- assist beam may be difficult with AF points near the edge of the screen. In this case, move to an AF point in the center of the screen.
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