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CMS-XML What type of USB cable can be used to connect the camera to a computer or printer?
CMS-XML What is ZoomPlus?
CMS-XML What cable can I use to connect the camera to a TV? (PowerShot G1 X Mark II / N100)
CMS-XML Compatible Memory Cards
CMS-XML Is the camera compatible with SDHC/SDXC and UHS-1 Memory Cards?
CMS-XML Where is the productÓ³ serial number located? (PowerShot N2)
CMS-XML What batteries can I use with my camera?_2_3
CMS-XML Countries and Regions Where Wireless LAN Use is Approved (PowerShot N)
CMS-XML Adding a Date Stamp to Images Before Printing Them
CMS-XML Can I use the AC power adapter and battery charger overseas?
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