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CMS-XML What to do if your receive a Lens Error Message
CMS-XML Error messages that appear on the LCD monitor (PowerShot N2)
CMS-XML Silverlight Fix for Windows 10 to launch ImageBrowser EX
When opening ImageBrowser EX in Windows 10 and Silverlight error message is displayed.
CMS-XML [Unidentified Image] message is displayed, and the image will not play back.
Solution Errors in image playback may occur as a result of the following problems. ・Image format is unsupported
CMS-XML Formatting a Memory Card
The [Memory card error ] message appears. The speed at which images are written to or read from the memory card, or the continuous shooting speed has been reduced. Movie shooting stops partway.
CMS-XML Formatting a Memory Card (PowerShot N)
[Memory card error ] is displayed. Card image reading/writing is slower. Movie recording suddenly stops.