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CMS-XML Procedure for using Stitch Assist mode PowerShot D10.
Stitch Assist Mode Large subjects can be split into several shots that can later be merged together.
CMS-XML Using the Solutions Disk Troubleshooting tools for installation errors.
Troubleshooting the Canon Solution Disk Installation ] installation feature and selecting the software to install may help in some cases where installation is failing. This can also be achieved by exploring the supplied CD-ROM and choosing the software installation for each piece of software.
CMS-XML What to do if your camera does not focus on the subject.
What to do if your camera has difficulty focusing. - Subjects shot through glass. The following information will assist you in achieving focus in these situations. Aim the camera at object
CMS-XML Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMedia card compatiblity information.
SD / MMC Card Compatibility Information. Canon camera and camcorder models have been designed to be fully compatible with memory cards that adhere to their respective card standards. Below is a chart reflecting the standards supported by our current models. To ensure card compatibility with your camera or camcorder model, please contact the memory card manufacturer for further information and assistance in determining card compatibility.
CMS-XML Check the Firmware Version With the Camera Window Software - PowerShot Cameras
Firmware check If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help , please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.
CMS-XML List of error messages that can appear on the LCD monitor of the PowerShot D10.
You cannot attach sound memos to movies. Memory card error If this error message appears even when using the supplied memory card, contact your Canon Customer Support Help Desk as there may be a problem with the camera. Memory card full There is not enough free space on the memory card.
CMS-XML Basic Camera Care (Cleaning)
Use a commercially available blower to remove dust from the lens. For hard-to-remove dirt, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. ID: 8201031700_EN_49
CMS-XML How to stitch photos (using PhotoStitch) from ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x
How to Stitch Photos (use PhotoStitch 3.1) from ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x If you have several images of the same scene with only slight differences, you can use PhotoStitch to connect the images together to make a panoramic image. This explains how to use this program to stitch images. You can make it easier to stitch images together by using the camera's Stitch Assist mode to shoot them (available on most PowerShot models).
CMS-XML Can I use the AC power adapter and battery charger overseas?
The camera warranty is valid only in the area of purchase. In case of camera problems while abroad, return to the area of purchase before contacting a Customer Support Help Desk.
CMS-XML What to do if you receive a Memory Card Error
Check our Frequently Asked Questions for more information- Contact our Email Support for further assistance -
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