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CMS-XML Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMedia card compatiblity information.
SD / MMC Card Compatibility Information. Canon camera and camcorder models have been designed to be fully compatible with memory cards that adhere to their respective card standards. Below is a chart reflecting the standards supported by our current models. To ensure card compatibility with your camera or camcorder model, please contact the memory card manufacturer for further information and assistance in determining card compatibility.
CMS-XML Basic Camera Care (Cleaning)
Use a commercially available blower to remove dust from the lens. For hard-to-remove dirt, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. ID: 8201031700_EN_49
CMS-XML Can I use the AC power adapter and battery charger overseas?
The camera warranty is valid only in the area of purchase. In case of camera problems while abroad, return to the area of purchase before contacting a Customer Support Help Desk.
CMS-XML What to do if you receive a Memory Card Error
Check our Frequently Asked Questions for more information- Contact our Email Support for further assistance -
CMS-XML Safety Precautions
If the battery charger becomes wet, unplug it from the outlet and consult your camera distributor or a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. Use only the recommended battery.
CMS-XML Importing images to a PC (using Windows functions / Windows 7)
For example, if you create a "holiday" tag, even if images with that tag are saved in different folders, you can list all of those images by selecting that tag. By using this option, you can speed up your image searches. For details, please refer to Windows Help .
CMS-XML Cautions When Using this Waterproof, Dustproof, and Shock Resistant Camera
Scratches or cracks in the waterproof seals could cause damage or leaks. Contact the closest Canon Customer Support Help Desk
CMS-XML Shooting Movies and Stills in Smart Auto Mode
guide. To reduce red-eye and to assist in focusing, the lamp may be activated when shooting in low-light conditions.
CMS-XML Images are blurry or not in focus
Set the [AF- assist Beam] to [On].
CMS-XML ImageBrowser EX 1.1.0 (or later) - Sending Images by E-mail
If your e-mail software does not start in step 7, select the [Save to Folder] option in the [After Finishing the Task] part of step 6 to save them, and then attach the images to your message using your e-mail software. For questions regarding the operation of your e-mail software, please see the Help for your e-mail software. This completes the process of sending images by e-mail.