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CMS-XML Troubleshooting procedures when getting a ZB Module has encountered and error, error message.
Correcting ZoomBrowser error "ZBModule" Try to open ZoomBrowser, if it opens without the "ZB Module has encountered an error" the issue is fixed. If the error message persists, perform the following steps:
CMS-XML Sending images by email with ZoomBrowser EX 6.x
If an error message appears and you cannot send images using the procedures above, please try the following things to fix the problem.
CMS-XML How to access the Windows Firewall settings
In Windows 8 or 8.1 On your keyboard, hold the windows key and press " X ". In Windows 7 or 10, access Control Panel from the Start menu.
CMS-XML How to access Programs and Features (to uninstall programs) in Windows 8
On your keyboard, hold the windows key and press " X ". Click Programs and F
CMS-XML Using the Viewer Window of ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x (No longer available)
Using the Full Screen Display You can display an image at the full screen size by clicking the image you wish to view in the Viewer Window. To restore the standard display, close the window using the " X " in the upper right corner.