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CMS-XML Faxing Documents from Computers
The display may differ according to the operating system and system environment. Viewing the Online Help (PC Fax) You can display the online help by clicking [ Help ] on the fax driver screen.
CMS-XML Printing onto Custom Size Paper
You can register the paper size specified in the [ Server Properties] dialog box accessed from the [Printers] or [Printers and Faxes ] as a custom-size paper. In this case, enter a value of 0.20" - 2" (5 mm - 50 mm) for the left, right, top and bottom margin in [Printer Area Margins].
CMS-XML Replace / Install an ink tank (B740)
This section describes how to replace an ink tank in an installed Color BJ cartridge. Do not replace ink tanks while the copier/ fax is printing or performing another operation. ... The machine has an automatic protection feature that helps keep it from overheating.
CMS-XML Installing the Printer Driver on a Client System
Installing the Printer Driver on a Client System Once the printer has been set up for sharing, the printer driver can be installed from the server system to the appropriate client systems. ... , and then click Printers and Faxes ... (in Windows XP, in the Printers and Faxes
CMS-XML Add Printer Wizard Win2000/XP L120
Add Printer Wizard Win2000/XP From the [Start] menu, select [Settings], then click [Printers] (in Windows XP, select {Printers and Faxes ] from [Start] menu). The [Printers] (in Windows XP, [Printers and Faxes ]) folder appears. ... If a suitable driver is not found, it probably means the server is a Windows 98/Me computer.
PDF User Support Tool
... canceled because a fax transmission occurred during ... ... as receiving a fax . ... sending/receiving faxes , etc. ... ... Vista and Windows Server are either registered ... The following abbreviations are used in this document: Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows XP operating system Windows XP Microsoft Windows Vista operating system Windows Vista Microsoft Windows 7 operating system Windows 7 Microsoft Windows 8 operating system Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 2000 Server operating system Windows 2000 Server Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system Windows Server 2003 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Windows operating system Windows
CMS-XML Sending a fax on the B45
Sending a Fax
CMS-XML Changing copy / fax contrast on the B45
Contrast is the difference in brightness between the lightest and darkest parts of a printed document. You can adjust the contrast your fax uses to send or copy documents, according to how light or dark your document is. To send a fax , dial the receiving party's fax number and then press <Start/Copy. To make a copy, enter the number of copies (up to 99) using the numeric buttons. To make a correction to the number of copies, press <Clear> and re-enter the number.
CMS-XML Send a fax using delayed sending on B45
Your fax can send a document automatically at a preset time. This allows you to take advantage of lower late-night long distance rates offered by some telephone companies. You can also use [<] or [>] to move the cursor. Press <Start/Copy>. Enter the receiving party's fax number .
CMS-XML Setting the B740 receive mode
For the fax machine to work effectively, it must be set to the proper receive mode.
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