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CMS-XML Replace / Install an ink tank (B740)
This section describes how to replace an ink tank in an installed Color BJ cartridge. The machine has an automatic protection feature that helps keep it from overheating. If the cartridge holder does not move, unplug the machine and let it cool for several minutes. Then plug it in again.
CMS-XML Cleaning of imageCLASS Products
For the purpose of helping to sanitize your Canon imageCLASS product, it is recommended that you clean parts touched with the hands such as control panels, covers and jam locations with isopropyl alcohol using the following precautions:
CMS-XML Memory Reception (L120)
Memory Reception The machine automatically receives faxes in memory when printing is disabled under certain conditions (i.e., toner or paper has run out). You can also set the machine to receive faxes in memory during a certain time period of your choice, with password protection if required.
CMS-XML Polling Box Menu L170
6. Polling Box Menu Enters a password to protect the polling box settings (max. 7 characters).
CMS-XML System Settings Menu L170
7. System Settings Menu This password protects the Memory Lock settings.
CMS-XML Steam Is Emitted from the Printer Output Area (imageCLASS and Faxphone)
To help paper avoid moisture or dryness, keep paper in its wrapper until it is ready to be used.
CMS-XML Handling and Storing Precautions
Handling Precautions Always hold the cartridge as shown so that the side with the written instructions is facing upward. Do not forcefully move or push the protection shutter of the drum in any way.
CMS-XML Replace BX-3 cartridge B45 / B95
Replace BX-3 Cartridge Spilled ink can stain any surface; protect yourself and your work area. Remove the new BX-3 cartridge from its package. Remove the orange protective cap (1) and tape (2).
CMS-XML Transporting the Copier-PC 100 Series
Double check to make sure the trays are set correctly under the disc on the platen cover. If transporting the copier over a long distance, secure the platen cover with packing tape and remove the cartridge. When transporting the copier take extra care not to subject it to vibrations or shock.
CMS-XML Enlarging/Reducing Using the Zoom Key-PC 940
Enlarging/Reducing Using the Zoom Key The Copy quantity/Copy ratio display will display the copy quantity three seconds after you have finished setting the copy ratio and stopped pressing the <+> or <-> keys. To set the copy ratio to 120% for example, keep pressing the <+> key until 120% appears in the display. You can use the <Preset Copy Ratio> key together with the <Zoom Ratio> key to help you to set the specific copy ratio that you need.
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