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CMS-XML Replace / Install an ink tank (B740)
This section describes how to replace an ink tank in an installed Color BJ cartridge .
CMS-XML General Specifications - PC 100 Series
Specifications 32 1/8" x 17 3/8" Weight Approx. 18.0 lb (including cartridge ) Copy Colors Black, Red, Blue, Green and Sepia (cartridge replacement necessary) Canon Type E
CMS-XML General Specifications - PC 428 Series
Specifications 32 1/8" x 15 7/8" Weight Approx. 18.0 lb (including cartridge ) Copy Colors Black, Red, Blue, Green and Brown (cartridge replacement necessary) Canon Type E
CMS-XML Installing the Toner Cartridge
The machine continues printing the received fax if the toner cartridge is not replaced. Note that the output may not be clear, as subtle details such as thin lines and light colors may not be clearly reproduced, due to a small amount of toner remaining inside the toner cartridge . Plus, the data is deleted once it has been printed.
CMS-XML General Specifications - PC 940
Specifications to 128 g/m2 Plain paper, colored paper, transparencies*, labels*, card stock*, and heavy paper (up to 32 lb (128 g/m2 ))
PDF User Support Tool
� A computer with 100 BASE-TX/10 BASE-T network support or USB ports. � Memory (RAM)*: - For Windows 128 MB or more - For Macintosh 32 MB or more � Available hard disk space: 100 MB or more* � Display - For Windows Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels or more Display colors : 256 or more - For Macintosh Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels or more Display colors : 256 or more * For Macintosh, it may vary depending on the size of firmware.
CMS-XML Print Media Requirements-PC 940
Print Media Requirements Severely curled or wrinkled paper. Transparencies designed for full- color copiers or printers. Paper which has already been copied using a digital full-color copier (Do not copy on the reverse side.)
CMS-XML Paper Handling
250 sheets Color paper 16 lb Bond to 21 lb Bond (60 g/ to 80 g/)
CMS-XML Transporting Your Machine-PC 940
Transporting Your Machine Lift the main unit lever on the left side to open the top of the main unit. Pull out shipping attachment (1(bronze colored screw)) and (2(black colored screw)) from the shipping attachment holder; these attachments were inserted in the shipping attachment holder during the installation of your copier. Grip the end of the cartridge, and pull it out of the copier.
CMS-XML Adjusting the Copy Exposure-PC 400 Series
Adjusting the copy exposure manually The level can only be used after the key has been pressed and the A indicator is no longer lit. When making color copies, lighten the copy exposure manually to avoid the dark shading that appears when color copies are made in the auto exposure mode.
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