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CMS-XML Faxing Documents from Computers
The display may differ according to the operating system and system environment. Viewing the Online Help (PC Fax) You can display the online help by clicking [ Help ] on the fax driver screen.
CMS-XML Printing onto Custom Size Paper
You can register the paper size specified in the [ Server Properties] dialog box accessed from the [Printers] or [Printers and Faxes ] as a custom-size paper. In this case, enter a value of 0.20" - 2" (5 mm - 50 mm) for the left, right, top and bottom margin in [Printer Area Margins].
CMS-XML PIXMA / MAXIFY Products: Windows 10 / Windows 11 on ARM-Based Computers
FAX PIXMA G G 1200 G 1220 G 1230 G 2200 G 2260 G 2270 G 320x G 326x G 3270 G 4200 G 4210 G 4270 G 5020 G 6020 G 7020 ... MP230 MP 250 MP270 MP ... ... you require additional help , please create ... Or if you still need help , visit our Canon Community by clicking the button below to get answers: _______________________________ ...
CMS-XML Installing the Printer Driver on a Client System
Installing the Printer Driver on a Client System Once the printer has been set up for sharing, the printer driver can be installed from the server system to the appropriate client systems. ... , and then click Printers and Faxes ... (in Windows XP, in the Printers and Faxes
CMS-XML Replace / Install an ink tank (B740)
This section describes how to replace an ink tank in an installed Color BJ cartridge. Do not replace ink tanks while the copier/ fax is printing or performing another operation. ... The machine has an automatic protection feature that helps keep it from overheating.
CMS-XML Add Printer Wizard Win2000/XP L120
Add Printer Wizard Win2000/XP From the [Start] menu, select [Settings], then click [Printers] (in Windows XP, select {Printers and Faxes ] from [Start] menu). The [Printers] (in Windows XP, [Printers and Faxes ]) folder appears. ... If a suitable driver is not found, it probably means the server is a Windows 98/Me computer.
CMS-XML Fax Error Codes (L90)
The sender may notbeusing a G 3 fax machine . Make sure the sender's machine is compatible with your machine. 0070
CMS-XML Fax Error Codes for L120
Error Codes 0001 The sender may not be using a G 3 fax machine . Make sure the sender's machine is compatible with your machine 0070 Reception was manually canceled on the machine. Ask the sender to resend the document if necessary.
CMS-XML Cannot Send a Fax
Is the recipient's machine a G 3 fax machine ? Make sure that the recipient's machine is compatible with your machine. Is BUSY/NO SIGNAL shown on the ERROR TX REPORT?
CMS-XML Enabling RX Restriction (L80)
By enabling this feature, you can restrict reception of faxes to only the numbers registered for speed dialing on your machine. This feature is useful to prevent reception of unsolicited faxes (e. g . junk mail).
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