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CMS-XML Sending a fax on the FAX-JX200
CMS-XML How to Test the Send and Receive Functions for Faxing
After you have connected the fax machine to your telephone line, you can now test to see if is ready to send and receive faxes . Here’s how:
CMS-XML Installing the cartridge FAX-JX200
The fax machine uses a PG-40 Cartridge.
CMS-XML Registering coded speed dial on FAX-JX200
Use coded speed dialing to dial a fax number at the press of three buttons. A fax/telephone number can be registered under each two-digit code .
CMS-XML Printing a report on the FAX-JX200
Printing an Activity Report, 1-Touch List, Coded Dial List, User Data List on the fax machine .
CMS-XML Setting up DRPD on the FAX-JX200
DRPD service assigns two or more telephone numbers with distinctive ring patterns to a single telephone line, allowing you to have both a fax number (s) and a telephone number(s) using only one telephone line.
CMS-XML Setting up Caller ID on the FAX-JX200
Setup the Caller ID feature on the fax machine to screen incoming calls.
CMS-XML Remote receiving FAX-JX200 / JX210P
If you have a telephone connected to the fax machine , you can receive a fax manually by entering a two-digit ID code from the extension phone.
CMS-XML FAX-JX200 / JX210P effective scan area
The fax machine has an effective scan area.
CMS-XML Registering one-touch speed dial on FAX-JX200
The quickest way to dial a fax number is to use one-touch speed dialing. This allows you to dial a number by pressing a single button.
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