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CMS-XML Fax Error Codes (L90)
The sender may notbeusing a G3 fax machine . Make sure the sender's machine is compatible with your machine. 0070
CMS-XML Cleaning of imageCLASS Products
For the purpose of helping to sanitize your Canon imageCLASS product, it is recommended that you clean parts touched with the hands such as control panels, covers and jam locations with isopropyl alcohol using the following precautions:
CMS-XML Setting RX Reduction to ON (L90)
Setting RX Reduction to ON ] or [ ] to select < FAX SETTINGS>, then press [OK]. 3. Press [
CMS-XML Adjusting the <Incoming Ring>. L90
Adjusting the <Incoming Ring>. <Incoming Ring> sets whether or not to activate the ring alert of the handset or an external telephone if <RX Mode> is set to <FaxOnly>. Selecting <ON> allows you to learn the fax reception and answer voice calls if you pick up the handset or an external telephone while it is ringing. 1. Press [Menu].
CMS-XML Copying (L90)
Copying Press [Copy]. The copy mode automatically reset to the fax mode after one minute of inactivity, or when your press [Stop/Reset]. 3. Adjust the Scan settings as desired.
CMS-XML Adjusting the Volume Control. L90
Adjusting the Volume Control. L90 Setting Item Description 1. MONITOR VOLUME Sets the volume for monitor tone during the fax transmission. (0-3 (2
CMS-XML Adjusting the Sleep Mode (L90)
you press [Energy Saver] on the operation panel a fax is received the handset or the handset of the external telephone is off the hook