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CMS-XML Definition: Macro Lens
CMS-XML Macro Operation on the CINE-SERVO 17-120mm T2.95-3.9 (CN7x17) lens.
CMS-XML Definition: Wide-Angle Lens
Wide-Angle Lens Wide-angle lenses help us capture the big picture. They are commonly used for landscape and interior photography, when we want to photograph a large part of the scene and get the elements in a scene in focus.
The broadcast lens design group of Canon has serviced the world’s broadcasters, production studios, and mobile production facilities for many decades. This long experience speaks to a global dialog that never ceases as the huge number of practitioners who use these lenses constantly offer critiques, suggestions and pleas that unceasingly propel our developments. From very high-end studios to major sporting events to multiple genres of television programming – the associated design refinements never cease.
Studying how each of these lenses convoluted with the Canon CMOS image sensor and allied Canon CFA helped establish overall color reproduction benchmarks that guided the subsequent exploration of the new Canon cinema lens spectral response. Video processing – in the form of the digital linear matricing system – was also optimized. The judgment of color balance was made by Canon color scientists in concert with invited directors of photography studying the simulated imagery.
Upon confronting the term Modulation Transfer Function, the question immediately arises as to what is being modulated, what is being transferred, and how does all of this bear upon resolution? It will be shown that these terms help us provide a linkage between the resolution capability of an imaging component and the contribution that component makes to the perceived sharpness seen when we look at the final reproduced image.