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CMS-XML TS-E90mm f/2.8 : How to set Exposure Compensation
When using a TS-E lens without tilting or shifting, all AR modes can be used as with normal lenses. Tilting or shifting, however, causes a metering error of up to one stop. since the slight exposure variation caused by this error depends on the tilt and/or shift amount, compensate the exposure as necessary.
CMS-XML How to set Exposure Compensation when using the TS-E17mm f/4L
The use of AE is not recommended when the lens is tilted or shifted as exposure errors may result. It is recommended that you use the exposure values when the tilt shift scale are set to the "0" position as a guide and then take the shot with as many exposure settings as possible
CMS-XML Using rotation on the TS-E MACRO lenses
Using Rotation In order to prevent shifts in position while shooting, shooting with rotation locked or at a click position is recommended. If using digital Photo Professional to perform lens correction (lens aberration correction, Digital Lens Optimizer, etc.)*, shooting with rotation locked or at a click position is recommended so as to reduce the amount of correction error . *Supported cameras: EOS 6D Mark II (As of August 2017)