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CMS-XML Here is a list of adjustments can be made on the Setting Title Page for the VB-C300
Detail information of each setting is available by clicking " HELP " on the Settings pages. ... If you set the "Day & Night Mode" to "Auto", the infrared cut filter may make several round trips when the camera switches the Day & Night modes.
PDF Network Camera Camera Management Tool User Manual
IP addresses, network settings, and SSL/IPsec secure communication information will also be restored. ... Filter ................................................................... 23
CMS-XML Cable Wiring Method
Cable Wiring Method For VB-H610VE/VB-M600VE, secure the various cables with the cable clamps fastened to the camera to prevent damage to cables or connectors due to vibration, etc. *The diagram is a wiring example for VB-H610VE/VB-M600VE.
CMS-XML Using Camera Housing (VB-H710F / VB-M700F)
Using Camera Housing (VB-H710F / VB-M700F) When using the camera mounted in commercial camera housing, remove the camera's protection plate to reduce the effects of excess reflections within the housing.
CMS-XML What the Log Viewer does in the VB-C10 / VB-C10R software
Log Viewer simplifies the reading of log files and provides management and resolution of errors. Log Viewer not only displays all logs, it is also capable of filtering so that only the required information is displayed. Viewing Logs
CMS-XML Part Names
5 Power connection terminal 6 Installation screw holes - Used when securing the camera to the installation surface, the junction box mounting kit (sold separately), or the recessed mounting kit (sold separately). 7 Wiring hole
CMS-XML Display Screen of Camera Angle Setting Tool
(3) Control Assist - Displays dotted lines showing the range of pan operation and tilt operation. The camera angle cannot be changed to positions with no dotted lines.
CMS-XML Connecting the components to a VC-C50i / VC-C50iR
Connecting to the Multiconnector The lead is secured inside the lead fastening hole. Use the same procedure to connect all the required leads.
PDF Appendix – Specifications
Image Sensor 1/3 type CMOS (primary color filter ) Number of Effective Pixels Approx. 2.1 million pixels
CMS-XML How to make adjustments with the Night Scene Setting Tool in the VB-C50i / VB-C50iR software
3. "Stop Communication" button - This button can be clicked during communication with the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR to cut the connection. 4. Setting number selection box - Select the number of the setting you want to use. 5. Cancel Infrared Cut Filter - Check to remove the camera's Infrared Cut Filter to enable shooting with black-and white images using infrared light.
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