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CMS-XML Audio Input/Output Terminals (VB-H710F / VB-M700F)
Input terminal: 3.5 mm ( 0.14 in.) mini-jack (monaural) Dynamic MIC IN Input impedance: 1.75 k
CMS-XML Audio Input/Output Terminals
Connecting the camera to an audio input/output device such as a microphone or a speaker with an amplifier allows you to send/receive audio through the viewer. Use the included audio interface cable to connect audio input/output devices to the camera. Use the 3.5 mm ( 0.14 in.) monaural mini-jack connector to connect an audio output device with the audio interface cable.
CMS-XML Audio Input/Output Terminals (VB-H41 / vb-M40)
Input terminal: 3.5 mm ( 0.14 in.) mini jack (monaural) Õ Dynamic MIC IN
PDF Appendix – Specifications
*9 Area-specific Data Size Reduction  Interface Network Terminal LAN x 1 (RJ45, 100Base-TX (auto/full-duplex/half-duplex)) Audio Input Terminal (common for LINE IN & MIC IN)  3.5 mm (0.14 in.) mini-jack connector (monaural) LINE IN (connect to an amplifier microphone) or MIC IN (connect to a microphone w/o amplifier) Switch LINE IN/MIC IN in the Setting Page.
CMS-XML Camera Software
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (when using Internet Explorer 9) or .NET Framework 4.5 (when using Internet Explorer 10/11) is necessary to use
PDF Network Camera Camera Management Tool User Manual
Operating System Language German/English/Spanish/French/Italian/Polish/Russian/Turkish/Thai/Korean/Chinese (Simplified)/Japanese Software (Runtime Library) .NET Framework 3.5 (when using Internet Explorer 9) .NET Framework 4.5 or later (when using Internet Explorer 10/11)