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CMS-XML Reset the ID correctly or cancel ID mode operation. VC-C50i & VC-C50iR
Setting the ID Number Use the procedure below to assign an ID number (1 to 9 ) to each camera (VC-C50i/VC-C50iR). If you do not want to assign an ID number to a camera, select [0] for that camera. Assigning the same ID number to multiple cameras allows you to control those cameras simultaneously.
CMS-XML Controlling the VC-C50i or VC-C50iR with the WL-V5 Wireless Controller
Switching the Camera ON and OFF (camera ON/OFF) button on the wireless controller. Even if you switch the camera OFF, the stored preset positions, the date, the time and the ID number are not cleared.
CMS-XML How to distribute video on the web with the software for the VB-C10 / VB-C10R
and the English-language top page as index.html and supply users with a URL address terminates in slash, such as http://vb-c10/sample/, the server will transmit a file that corresponds with the language setting for the Browser. For further information on the Language setting function for the Browser, refer to the Browser Help .
CMS-XML [Memory Card] SD Card Information
CMS-XML Part Names
Off: During normal use 3 SD card slot 4 External device I/O terminals
CMS-XML [Memory Card] SD Memory Card Operations (Unmounted Status)
SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards can be used with the camera. When an SD memory card is inserted in the card slot, it is mounted automatically. It is also mounted automatically if inserted in the camera at the time of booting.
CMS-XML Display Screen of Camera Angle Setting Tool
(3) Control Assist - Displays dotted lines showing the range of pan operation and tilt operation. The camera angle cannot be changed to positions with no dotted lines.
CMS-XML VB-700 / VB-710 Installation Guide - Items Included
4. Installation Guide (This document) 5. Warranty card 6. Notic
PDF Installing the Camera
/ / / Installation Guide Camera Installation Guide (This document) Setup CD-ROM Warranty Card Notice Dedicated wrench Power Interface Cable I/O Interface Cable (BK2-0035-000) Power Interface Cable (Waterproof) LAN Connector Set (Waterproof) Symbols Indicating Camera Model
CMS-XML [Memory Card] SD Memory Card Operations (Mounted Status)
(2) [Operation Settings], [Video Format], [Pre-event Buffer], [Post-event Buffer], [Overwrite videos] - These settings are the same as in Ô“D Card Operations (unmount status)Ô®
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