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CMS-XML Here is a list of adjustments can be made on the Setting Title Page for the VB-C300
... by clicking " HELP " on the ... ... router between DHCP server and VB- ... ... 0.6 m (23. ... You can perform the following settings on the Server Page. HTTP Server : Set the HTTP port. Video Server : Configure settings to transmit the video from the VB-C300. Audio Server : Configure settings related to audio transmission. ... HTTP Server ... Video Server ... Audio Server ... Check the Enable Audio Transmission box and Enable Audio Reception box on the Audio Server section of the Server settings page
CMS-XML How to distribute video on the web with the software for the VB-C10 / VB-C10R
and supply users with a URL address terminates in slash, such as http://vb-c10/sample/, the server will transmit a file that corresponds with the language setting for the Browser. For further information on the Language setting function for the Browser, refer to the Browser Help .
CMS-XML How do I Access the Setting Menu in the VB-C60 software
Server - Settings for the image server , audio server and HTTP server ... Access Control - Settings for the authorized user account, user authority and host access restriction ... If a pop-up blocker appears when you attempt to view " Help " of each setting item or when you attempt to open "View Log Events" or "View Current Settings" in the "Maintenance" page, follow the instructions of the information bar to disable the pop-up blocker. ... " HELP " in each column.
CMS-XML [RTP] RTP Server, Audio Multicast and RTP Streaming
rtsp://IP_address:port_number/rtpstream/config1(~5)=r|u| m [=r|u| m ] is optional and can be omitted. If specified, specify only one option.
CMS-XML Configure the Mail Server
CMS-XML Changing the Storage Server IP Address
CMS-XML [Access Control] IPv4 Host Access Restrictions
CMS-XML Specify the Storage Server Group for Starting the Viewer
CMS-XML Setting the Video Server, Audio Server and HTTP Server
Setting the Video Server , Audio Server and HTTP Server
CMS-XML [Server] > [RTP Server] RTP Settings
[ Server ] > [RTP Server ] RTP Settings
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