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CMS-XML [Network] Setting Administrator Password, LAN, IP Address, DNS, etc
Set IPv6 use to [Disable] or [Enable]. (2) [ Auto ( RA )] Select [Enable] to set an address automatically using RA (Router Advertisement, network information automatically transmitted from a router), or select [Disable] not to set an address automatically.
CMS-XML Operating the Camera in Mobile Camera Viewer
●Focus [ Auto ] Automatically focuses on the subject.
CMS-XML How do I setup Motion Detection in the software for the VB-C50i/VB-C50iR
The Motion Detection and automatic tracking Functions are not suited to applications where high levels of reliability are demanded. Therefore, we recommend that you not use these functions for monitoring or other purposes if consistently high levels of reliability are required. Canon accepts no liability whatsoever for faults, etc. resulting from the use of the Motion Detection and automatic tracking Functions.
CMS-XML [Event] > [Intelligent Function] - Auto Tracking - Setting Auto Tracking
[Event] > [Intelligent Function] - Auto Tracking - Setting Auto Tracking
CMS-XML Setting White Balance
Setting White Balance (1) [ Auto ] The white balance is adjusted automatically.
CMS-XML [IPsec] Setting IPsec
[IPsec] Setting IPsec (1) [IPsec] - Key settings for use with IPsec can be selected as [ Auto Key Exchange] or [Manual]. (1) [IPsec SA Encryption Algorithm] - Set the IPsec SA encryption algorithm to [AES- >3DES], [AES->3DES->DES] or [AES->3DES->DES - >NULL].
CMS-XML Miscellaneous Settings available in WebView Livescope software for the VB-C10 / VB-C10R
Use this page to specify various other settings. Note: For the packet target address in the connection function, we recommend that you consider the impact on traffic conditions and set the IP address that is nearest after the auto dial-up router.
CMS-XML How to reconnect to VB-C50FSi / VB-C50FS when the connection is lost
Auto Reconnection Function
CMS-XML Factory Default Settings VC-C50i / VC-C50iR
Camera Default Settings Item Default Item Default Focus * Auto Preset None Brightness * Normal Clock and Text Not displayed
CMS-XML Setting Focus and Exposure
Note • If the camera's Exposure Mode was set to [Manual], it will be changed to [ Auto ] after setting exposure compensation.
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