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CMS-XML Display Screen for VB Viewer
(13)Information Field - Information messages, warning messages and error messages are shown to the user. (14)[Get a Snapshot] button - A still image from the moment of clicking is displayed in a new window. (15)
CMS-XML Programing Modifiers
Note Õ A runtime error will occur if the specified name does not match. Õ If this modifier is not defined, Ó¥Ô will be deleted.
CMS-XML Creating a Camera Specification File
Up to 30 cameras can be registered. If camera information for more than 30 cameras is listed, an error will occur when the file is loaded into the Camera Angle Setting Tool.
CMS-XML [Memory Card] SD Memory Card Operations (Unmounted Status)
• The following settings and operations will record video on an SD memory card. - When a network error occurs during recording-mode stream - When [Video Record Action] in the [Event] menu is set to [Record to SD Card], and an event (volume detection, external device input or timer) setting is enabled and [Enable] is selected for [Video Record] - When manually recorded to SD memory card from the Admin Viewer
CMS-XML Log Viewer
[Specify type]: - To specify the log type, select the level ([ Error ], [Warning], [Information]) and output module ([Application], [HTTP Server], [System]) of the log. Multiple checkboxes can be selected.
CMS-XML [IPsec] Setting IPsec
If the camera is rebooted during auto key exchange communication, a connection error may result after rebooting. In this case, connect again.