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CMS-XML Using Camera Housing (VB-H710F / VB-M700F)
Using Camera Housing (VB-H710F / VB-M700F) When using the camera mounted in commercial camera housing, remove the camera's protection plate to reduce the effects of excess reflections within the housing.
CMS-XML Display Screen of Camera Angle Setting Tool
(3) Control Assist - Displays dotted lines showing the range of pan operation and tilt operation. The camera angle cannot be changed to positions with no dotted lines.
CMS-XML [Memory Card] SD Card Information
[Cannot Save]: Indicates that videos cannot be saved to the SD memory card. This status may be caused when the SD memory card is not mounted, the video file count upper limit has been reached, the video management file is corrupted or the card is write- protected .
CMS-XML Log Viewer
(11)Log display area - The content of log files downloaded from the camera, SD memory card, or PC is shown. (12)[Log Type] - Select log types you want to show using the filter function. [Not specified]: - Select to show all log types.
CMS-XML [Camera] Setting Initial Camera Settings and External Device Name
If [Day/Night] is set to [Auto], the infrared cutoff filter may move several times while the mode is switching between [Day Mode] and [Night Mode]. Pan, tilt, zoom and manual focus will not work during this period.