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CMS-XML All Canon chargers are international voltage, only an adapter to change the plug style is necessary.
CMS-XML Adjust the focus manually or press the <AF> button on the wireless controller VC-C50i / VC-C50iR
CMS-XML Operable range of the wireless controller WL-V5 for the VC-C50i and VC-C50iR
CMS-XML Make sure that the plug is plugged in correctly, and that the outlet works.
CMS-XML Operable Range of the Wireless Controller WL-V5 When Used with a VC-C50i / VC-C50iR
CMS-XML Changing the RS-232C Settings on a VC-C50i / VC-C50iR
CMS-XML Batteries may need to be recharged or replaced.
CMS-XML Reset the ID correctly or cancel ID mode operation. VC-C50i & VC-C50iR
CMS-XML Changing the camera head angle (pan / tilt / zoom) VC-C50i and VC-C50iR
CMS-XML Connecting the components to a VC-C50i / VC-C50iR
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