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CMS-XML When to Replace the Cartridge-IC D/PC 1000 Series
When to Replace the Cartridge The cartridge is a consumable item and should be replaced when the toner runs out. The following guidelines will help you to determine when to replace the cartridge.
CMS-XML Delete temporary files / unneeded files or programs - Windows
The Disk Cleanup tool helps free up space on the computer's hard disk by searching for files that can be safely deleted. Some or all files can be deleted. Use Disk Cleanup to perform any of the following tasks to free up space on the computer's hard disk.
CMS-XML Checking Printer Installation
Checking Printer Installation Open the [Printers and Faxes ] (Windows 98/Me/2000: [Printers] folder. Click [Start] on the Windows task bar, select [Printers and Faxes] (Windows 98/Me/2000: [Start], [Settings], then [Printers]). Make sure the driver icon is displayed.
CMS-XML Cleaning the unit-IC D/PC 1000 series
Cleaning the unit When cleaning the machine's exterior or the platen glass, be sure to disconnect the power cord before cleaning the machine. For the model with the fax function, print any received faxes stored in the memory before disconnecting the power cord.
CMS-XML Adjusting the Scanning Resolution-IC D/PC 1000 Series
Adjusting the Scanning Resolution Press < FAX Resolution> repeatedly to select the desired resolution.
CMS-XML Error: Printer Not Responding / Off-line (Configure to Correct Port) - Windows
If the printer doesn't respond to a print command or is off-line, the printer driver port may not be correctly configured. For example, if your printer is connected via USB but the port is configured to send print commands wirelessly, you would not be able to print. The steps below may help resolve the issue.
CMS-XML Set printer from Offline to Online - imageCLASS printers
If the printer is set Offline, an error message will appear and the print job will not complete. For Windows XP Home Edition Click / Select 'Start' from the bottom left of the Windows screen, 'Control Panel,' 'Printers and Other Hardware,' and 'Printers and Faxes .' For Windows XP Professional Edition
CMS-XML Steam Is Emitted from the Printer Output Area (imageCLASS and Faxphone)
To help paper avoid moisture or dryness, keep paper in its wrapper until it is ready to be used.
CMS-XML Connecting to a Printer Already on Your Network-IC D Series
Network Download Open Explorer and browse the network until you can see the printer icon. Double-click the printer icon, or drag the printer icon to the Printers (in Windows XP/Server 2003, Printers and Faxes ) folder. Follow the instructions on screen.
CMS-XML Start Windows Print Spooler Service (Windows 7 / Vista/XP/2000)
To resolve the error shown below , right-click Print Spooler service and then select Start. section, you may need to contact the hardware / software vendor for assistance in either disabling or removing the component. See example below.
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