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CMS-XML Installing the Driver/Software Via a Network for Macintosh
If use version 10.2.0 or an earlier version of the printer driver in a Mac OS X 10.9 or earlier environment and add a MF8000 series, MF8000C series, MF8300 series, and/or MF8300C series device, you will not be able to print if you perform a Mac OS update. In such cases, you need to delete the printer( s ) and perform the above procedure after adding the printer( s ) again with the latest driver.
CMS-XML Basic Copying Method
Solution Basic Copy Operations 1. Place the document( s ). 2. Press
CMS-XML 2-sided Printing (Mac) (imageCLASS)
The printing procedure varies for each application. For details, refer to the manual( s ) supplied with each application.
PDF Menu Route Map
Gateway Address DNS Settings DNS S S tti DNS Server Settings
CMS-XML Scanning Documents and Saving Them in a Computer (USB & Network Connection)
1. Place the document( s ). 2. Press and tap <Scan>.
CMS-XML Wireless LAN Troubles
The Printer Port Name is Not Displayed in [Print to the Following Port( s )] Make sure that the correct printer driver is installed to your computer. When switched to wireless LAN connection from the other method (USB connection or wired LAN connection), uninstall the MF driver.
CMS-XML Sending Faxes from Your Computer (PC Fax)
Enter the fax number( s ). Hyphens can be inserted between numbers as necessary. If you want to add explanations of the uses for the fax numbers, such as "Home" or "Office", enter them in [Description].