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CMS-XML Scanning with ScanGear MF-ICMF 6500
S canning with ScanGear MF Switching between Simple Mode and Advanced Mode
CMS-XML Setting the Paper Size and Type-ICMF 6500
S etting the Paper Size and Type Cassette
CMS-XML Set the Paper Type to Plain Paper-ICMF 6500
S et the Paper Type to Plain Paper Cassette
CMS-XML Change brand of envelopes
Adding Server Service (Windows 98/Me) The [File and Print Sharing] dialog box appears. Select [I want to be able to allow others to print to my printer( s )], then click [OK]. Select the [Access Control] tab, [Share-level access control], then [User-level access control].
CMS-XML Adjust./Cleaning Menu-ICMF 6500
Adjust./Cleaning Menu Menu - ON 10. SPECIAL MODE S Sets whether to reduce the waiting time for the next printout. When you change the paper size after continuous printing, the machine may take a while to start the next printing. 111
CMS-XML Canon Toner Cartridge Limited Warranty
Cartridge yield will vary depending on average density of originals copied and other factors. See Canon U.S.A.' s or Canon Canada's operator’s manual for the Product for further information.