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CMS-XML Port exceptions which enable your computer to communicate with your printer - IX-R7000
Learn which ports are necessary for your computer and printer to communicate with each other. Making sure that they're not blocked by security or firewall programs will help enable your printer to work correctly.
CMS-XML Important Information Regarding CX / LX Series Network Setups
While the printer may be detected when connected to the network for the first time, it is recommended to connect the printer directly to a PC with a crossover cable for the initial setup. When the printer has been detected during the driver installation, DHCP can be enabled on the printer (this is recommended), OR a static IP address can be assigned to the printer for use on the network. This process is explained in the Using the Printer via a LAN Cable
CMS-XML Notes on Printing from a VPN
Each VPN is different. You may need to contact your network administrator for help .