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CMS-XML Reseat the toner cartridge(s)
Reseat the toner cartridge(s). Hold the toner cartridge as shown in the figure, shake it gently 5 or 6 times from side to side (1), then back and forth (2) to evenly distribute the toner inside.
CMS-XML Problems Persist
413 S -04U
CMS-XML Other Problems
413 S -04R
CMS-XML Clearing Paper Jams
413 S -037
CMS-XML Scanning with ScanGear MF
S canning with ScanGear MF Switching between Simple Mode and Advanced Mode
CMS-XML Messages and Error Codes
413 S -034
CMS-XML Problems with Wireless LAN Connection
413 S -03E
CMS-XML Problems with Scanned Document Sending
413 S -03U
CMS-XML When You Cannot Print Properly
413 S -03X
CMS-XML Spots Appear
The fixing unit may be dirty. 413 S -04A
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