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GX1020 GX2020 GX3020 GX4020 GX5020 TC-20 TC-20M GX5520X GX602x GX702x iB4020 iB4120 MB2020 MB2120 MB2320 MB2720 MB5020 MB5120 MB5320 MB5420 imagePROGRAF TC MAXIFY PIXMA G
CMS-XML Models Supporting Alexa Print
The following MAXIFY models support Alexa Print. GX1020 GX2020 GX3020
CMS-XML Models that Can Send Scanned Data in an E-Mail from the Operation Panel
GX1020 GX2020 GX4020
CMS-XML PIXMA / MAXIFY Printer Models with Native Chrome OS Printing Support
GX1020 GX2020 GX3020
CMS-XML What is Canon PRINT? (Windows)
What models are compatible with Canon Inkjet Smart Connect? GX1020 GX2020 GX3020 GX4020 GX5020 GX5520X GX602x GX702x
CMS-XML Where are the Mac Drivers for my Printer / Scanner? (CanoScan / PIXMA / MAXIFY)
Some models use Canon Inkjet Smart Connect to set up your computer to work with your printer (for example, the GX1020 and GX2020 ). Follow any on-screen instructions when running this software to set up your computer to work with the printer.